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This thread brings back such memories.
I used to work in graphics making the phone book and we used
Canvas and Photoshop on 486DX, not even pentium, PCs!
Talk about slow! I can remember actually remaking bitmaps from old files
etc, taking parts out or adding, etc, by hand, pixel by pixel.
I used to joke about how I was "going in", to a place where I could no longer
be reached, like at 1000+ percent zoom or whatever.

The other day I tried to open (on my present laptop) some images in gimp, real
big ones from my digital camera. Mistakenly I tried 48 of them at
once. It got to about
processing 16 of them, none open yet, before I shut it off. Just like the
old days!!!


On 12/1/11, Kevin Brubeck Unhammer <unhammer@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Rob Antonishen <rob.antonishen@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 4:12 AM, Kevin Brubeck Unhammer
>> <unhammer@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>     Bob Long writes:
>>     > Stefan Maerz wrote,
>>     >
>>     > [..]
>>     >
>>     >> It is possible to write a python-fu versioning system, right? I've
>> yet
>>     >> to do anything with python-fu so I'm not sure.
>>     >>
>>     >> -Stefan
>>     >
>>     > I've never used it, but look at:
>>     >
>>     >
>>     > "It will save a backup copy of your active image as
>>     > [imagename]-YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM.xcfgz in the same directory as your
>>     > active image."
>>     Just tried it, it works great :)
>>     Note: if you do two backups within one minute, only the last one will
>> be
>>     saved. That's not really a bug though ;)
>> Would you like it to not overwrite?  I can change it fairly easily, by
>> extending the
>> naming convention to add seconds :)
> For me it's sufficient, but perhaps others make more frequent backups?
> I just noticed because I was purposely testing for it.
> -Kevin
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