Before I make a feature request....

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When I use the "save as" file option, in the "Save Image" dialog box, 
the leftmost pane, under "Places" shows at the top, a section containing 
"Recently used", then the directories and hardware information, then at 
the bottom, if they exist, any bookmarks.

Now as it happens, I have a fairly complex file structure, and I make 
extensive use of bookmarks, but my machine has a device which reads 
multiple forms of media most of which I have no use for, so the "Places" 
pane has en extensive list of devices I never use.

What I'd like to do is to propose a reordering of this pane to the 
developers, so that either defined bookmarks would appear higher on the 
list, or that media readers would only show on the list if they hold media.

But before I make the request on the developer's list, I thought I'd 
first query this group to see whether anyone else would find it useful, 
or alternatively, whether the request has been made, and there are sound 
reasons why it cannot be implemented.


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