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> From: emvarona <forums@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject:  Can't get this image sharp with GIMP.
> Any
>     suggestions?
> >i've got a bad digital camera and want to work over the
> results. Bad in this 
> >case means, that i've got good resolution and good
> results concerning the 
> >light, but a bad sharpness.
> >My idea is, that if i've got a good resolution, what
> the fact is, there must 
> >be a way to sharpen it. Isn't it?

Not at all. If the content is not sharp, the fact that it is represented 
with a lot of pixels does not imply that the sharpness is there.

If you print a blurred image at 4000 dpi, it does not improve. So, if the
lens has "printed" a not-so-sharp image on your camera sensor, in general
you cannot recover a hypothetical sharpness that is there, but is hidden. (You can recreate some sharpness, which is what the commands
"Filters->Enhance->Sharpen" and "Filters->Enhance->Unsharp mask" do.)

Unfortunately it seems that the link you provided does not work,
so I don't know exactly what you need, since I can't see your image.

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