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* A. den Oudsten <AdenOudsten@xxxxxx> [08-09-10 08:18]:
> Op 19-07-10 13:35, Dick Smith schreef:
> > On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 6:22 AM, A. den Oudsten <AdenOudsten@xxxxxx
> > <mailto:AdenOudsten@xxxxxx>> wrote:
> >
> > Look for gimp-ufraw.  It is a plugin that will open ORF files from
> > within Gimp.
> >
> I have ufraw installed in openSUSE 11.3, but how do I get it within Gimp?

You need to install the "gimp-ufraw" previously mentioned.  Gimp support
is not included in the "ufraw" package.

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