A sequence of actions

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Maybe the Mathmap plugin and specifically its "Composer" offer something close
to your need

The composer, and the option to save the new "composite " filters are limited
to the filter included in mathmap

That anyway are a lots ,much more are available on the net, all are editable
and  since is not just a plugin but also a framework to create new filter the
limit is no so severe

>Currently the "blocks" of steps that can be performed are all
>contained in the pdb.
>There are two different ways to get the same result (a set of actions
>that can be repeated in a single "call")
>1) tap into the history buffer somehow to "record" then "playback
>history" from a different point in history.  THis would require
>modifications to the core, and may not be portable to a gegl model.
>2) provide a gui/visual language front-end to the pdb (think
>inputs/outputs/connectors) to visually create scripts that either get
>turned into scheme in the back end, or get implemented directly.  This
>could be done as a plugin that would allow creation, saving and
>loading actions.
>-Rob A>
>On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 2:17 PM, Tarun Samvedi <tsam910@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Michael, Jay - Thanks for the response :)
>> I'll be trying to implement the idea for GSoC, was just making sure there
>> no way of doing it which is unknown to me.

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