ALT key additional characters in Gimp??

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HI, sorry but I am wondering how I can get those additional characters in the
fonts to work on my Gimp 2.6.  I've tried the ATL with the number codes for
the certain fonts I tried this with and got nothing but a binking cursor to
show for the attempt. The ATL[code] works in Windows, so I know the font has
these other things [like the British Pound sign, little happy faces, etc]
I've used Gimp for a few months now and have yet to get the ATL key to work
for this particular feature. I've downloaded fonts from daFont and other sites
like it, so there are lots of fonts with bonus non-letter stuff I really want
to be able to use in artwork.
Can any one give me some help in finding out what I'm doing wrong?? 
Thank you  :)

Luna (via


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