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Hi Sven,

On 28 Nov 09 20:59 Sven Neumann <sven@xxxxxxxx> said:
> The Tips of the Day can only be read from the Help menu currently. 
> There is no way to make it appear on startup.

That, indeed is the complaint, along with:

# There's no way to stop it appearing on start up (Having turned it 

# There's no close button, so that once open you need to use a title 
bar button.

Put together, I'd say that completely breaks all the conventions for 
how a "Tip of the Day" should behave, not to mention, a user interface

No idea why that had to happen, but it's almost at the stage where I 
say it might have been better to take it out all together, or just 
placed all the tips, on a single conventional help page.

However, I'm sure you've had the same thoughts yourself, and 
hopefully, with the next release, it will be back to the way it was 



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