Gimp 2.7.1 and out of space messages

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I'm running Ubuntu Studio 9.04 and installed 2.7.1 just to try it out.

It runs fine, and has caused me no lost date, but immediately upon
installation complained with message such as 'could not write tile data to
disk - no space available' or something to that effect.  When those messages
appear, the same one will repeat itself several times.  I can dismiss the
message boxes and go on about my business.

I had just chalked this up to the price one pays to try out unstable versions
and have been living with this situation for several weeks.

This morning, I decided to investigate a bit, and, sure enough, my /, home,
and desktop folders all were reporting 0 free space.

I went exploring and moved about 2 GB of miscellaneous downloads cluttering
my desktop, and have now run the Gimp for about 15 minutes with no error

My question is whether I have any options about where Gimp needs to have
space in order to do its 'bookkeeping' chores as you use the program, or must
I always (I guess I really should not only for Gimp, but other programs, as
well) make certain it has some headroom in my Ubuntu folders.




Carusoswi (via


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