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On Monday 05 October 2009, harold wrote:
> >hello..
> >
> >I'm creating a linux distro which is the first in my country
> > (Dominican repolishing) but still do not have artwork, I have
> > nothing prepared and if they can not help to create the
> > wallpaper and boot screens like the logo .
> >Happy-Word
> >Data from the distro
> Nobody help me

Apparently you want to create a linux distribution and are looking 
for help.
There are alot of talented people on this list, but the list itself 
is not really meant for that type of discussion. It is more related 
to specific questions concerning gimp.

I would suggest you post your question one more time.
When you do, please include an e-mail address you can be reached at 
and perhaps a link to your web site / facebook / whatever.
That way people will be able to contact and help you with out 
dilluting the content of this list

One other thing , you might look into suse studio, or one of the 
other "re-spin" projects and see if they have something that would 
be useful to you

Hope this Helps

See ya


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