Re: Two Gimp environment questions

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>Regarding, "concept 2 clones may kill each other", I'm
> working under
> the assumption, that the order of the directories in the
> Edit /
> Preferences / Folders, determines which script or plug-in
> is used. The
> 2 arrows at the top of the panel change the order.

Not exactly and is not only a problem for clones even if happen much more seldom in other cases

I always fail to explain it with the right words i hope other may do better
I try again but the technical term may be not exact:
Basically there are parameters assigned to each script, when 2 or more script use the same name of a already assigned parameter trouble  happen.

Obviously is almost sure this will happen for similar version of the same script, while is much less probable for different scripts

But then "parameters" in that context may be a misleading or misused term i hope someone else may explain better




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