On Close, the Save / Don't Save dialog is not paying attention to keyboard

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Using Gimp 2.6.6 on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy) Linux.

If I have a newly created "untitled" image and I Close it, I naturally,
and correctly, get a dialog asking me if I wish to save it or not save it.

In that dialog, pneumonic letters are underlined, meaning that I
_should_ simply be able to type that letter and the action will be taken
-- at least that is the way it would work on Windows (but I don't have
Gimp on Windows).

I _can_ access those pneumonics if I do an ALT first, as one would
normally do when using pneumonics to get to menus.  However, I think I
should be able to simply type the single pneumonic/letter that is

a) Is this behavior (that I can't just type the letter, I have to also
hit the ALT key) correct for this type of dialog box?

b) Is this the way Gimp acts in Windows?

c) Is this "problem" an Ubuntu / KDE standard way of doing things (or a
known problem)?



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