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Hi everyone,
I would like to make a short announcement here.

We have released a new plug-in for GIMP, named G'MIC which may be interesting
for some users (at least, it is what we hope).

Here is the URL :

This plug-in proposes a list of various effects that can be applied on
images, including artistic filters, image denoising and enhancements, 3D
rendering effects, and so on...
The main property of this plug-in is that it contains an interpreter of image
processing macros, and all the available filters are written in fact in a very
short form (usually in three of four lines of code), using a simple
macro-based language (the "G'MIC" language). Consequently, any user can add
his own filter definitions in the plug-in (written in "G'MIC" in a simple text
file). The plug-in is also capable of updating itself, without reinstallation
needed (it just download a G'MIC updated macro file and put it in your home

So, this is a plug-in that is a little bit special since it is clearly
intended to be open and extensible without having deep knowledges in C,
script-fu or Python programming languages.
Here is an example of how the current filters are defined, as a G'MIC macro
file :

Well, that's it. I hope this will interest you in some way.



David Tschumperle


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