Re: GIMP 2.4.0; available for Mac also?

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You might want to watch Aarons activities at closely, where at least a 2.4 RC3 is available.

Greetings, lexA

Am 24.10.2007 um 19:45 schrieb carol irvin:

i'm using GIMP on a Mac.  Is this new version ready for the Mac yet or still in the wings?



Version 2.4 of the GNU Image Manipulation Program is finally out.

Developers, artists and user interface designers from all over the world
worked together to make GIMP more powerful and easier to use than ever.
The changes from version 2.2 are described in the release notes on

For a more detailed list of changes, please have a look at the NEWS file

If you want to compile GIMP 2.4 yourself, you can grab the tarball from or one of its mirrors:

Binary packages for the various supported platforms are expected to
become available over the next couple of days. The new website
will help you to locate the packages for your system:

Thanks a lot to everyone who helped to improve GIMP.

The roadmap for GIMP 2.6 will be discussed over the next weeks on the
gimp-developer mailing-list. We can only tell you so much now: It is
going to rock and it shouldn't take as long to get it done as it took to
finish GIMP 2.4. If you want to join the effort, your help is much

Happy GIMPing,


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