Re: Fwd: Image resizing based upon image content

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Doug wrote:
> Konstantin Svist wrote:
>> Doug wrote:
>>> <snip>
>>> Having tried out Liquid Rescale I'm very impressed. But does anyone 
>>> have an idea about the size of image it can deal with in terms of 
>>> memory requirements (I presume the Gimp setting Tile Cache size)?
>>> I've crashed it with a 700MB jpg setting Tile Cache Size to 3 GB 
>>> (using Linux Mandriva 2007.0)
>> There should be best/worst-case estimates in the paper, but if not, 
>> it probably depends on the algorithm.
>> But 700MB jpeg... that's pretty hard core :)
> Thanks, I'll go have a look at the paper.
> The jpeg was a mosaic of some 25 sensible-sized pics ;-)
> Doug
P.S. the paper is beyond me, but I couldn't recognise any sort of estimates.
Thanks anyway.


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