Re: Gimp shutting down after starting on OS X

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Hi Mike,

so I guess you installed the prebuild package? There is no general problem with GIMP on OS X. Where did you install Any unusual characters in the path?

Greetings, lexA

Am 14.06.2007 um 18:58 schrieb Mike Hatcher:


I'm a beginner with GIMP and after trying several times installing and uninstalling Gimp 2.2.10 on my OS X 10.4 Macbook laptop it will never load the icon will appear then automatically close leaving the X11 application running. I performed the same installation procedure on a G4 desktop at work and it worked flawlessly. I have observed in other various forums that this problem has plagued other Mac laptop users. I was wondering if you could shed any light on this incident. 

Thank you

Michael Hatcher

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