Re: Another GIMPTOOL question: If it's not in the GIMP development libraries, where is it?

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* Chris Mohler <cr33dog@xxxxxxxxx> [06-02-07 11:26]:
> I think you should try it - it may be failing to initialize for some
> reason, hence it's absence from the menu/tree.

I *stand* corrected.

I do get an error:

/home/pat/.gimp-2.2/plug-ins/GREYCstoration_gimp_pc_linux: error while loading s
hared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


11:30 wahoo:~ > locate

11:30 wahoo:~ > rpm -qf /opt/gnome/lib64/

so why cannot gimp or GREYCstoration find ""?

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