Re: Another GIMPTOOL question: If it's not in the GIMP development libraries, where is it?

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On 6/2/07, Patrick Shanahan <ptilopteri@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> * David Gowers <00ai99@xxxxxxxxx> [06-02-07 10:22]:
> > Are you saying that because you've actually tried it? There is no
> > other easy way to discern whether 'your gimp sees the plug-in to start
> > with'.
> No, no need.  It doesn't appear in Filters -> Enhance as it should and
> does not appear in the plug-in browser or tree.  If I cannot start or
> initiate the plug-in some how, there will be no error message printer
> on the console.

I think you should try it - it may be failing to initialize for some
reason, hence it's absence from the menu/tree.



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