Re: Another GIMPTOOL question: If it's not in the GIMP development libraries, where is it?

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> Will not make a difference or display anything interesting for me as
> my gimp does not see the plug-in to start with.
Are you saying that because you've actually tried it? There is no
other easy way to discern whether 'your gimp sees the plug-in to start
That's rather simple then, if so. Most likely it isn't looking at that
directory at all - have you checked that that folder is pointed to by
the preferences?

> ps:  Please do not send HTML to the list.  Email is a text function.
>      Thanks for your consideration.

AFAICS, I'm not sending email in HTML - I certainly agree that email
is a text function. Nor has it been said to me before that I was
sending email in HTML.

Is this message any different in this regard?


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