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This may sound like a really stupid suggestion (and apologies if it is) but have you tried hitting the tab key a couple of times ?



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Hi Eric-
  Thanks for the help. I'm using Windows 7.   I tried downloading the newest version from the website: vesion 2.6 

I downloaded it and then uninstalled it per your recommendation and then reinstalled it and the layers still wont open.  Please help-


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Subject: [GIMPI] Re: GIMP Layers panel not opening


--- In gimpi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "NOTHAPPY" <kabendz@...> wrote:
> Hello. I am trying to use Gimp and when I open it, the toolbox panel is open but the layers panel is not.  I have tried to open it by going to the Windows> Dockable Dialogs> Layers or hit CTRL + L and nothing shows up. The first one down the list that will appear is Colormap.  Please help. Thank you for your time

OK so what's your OS ?
What version of Gimp are you using?
How did you do the initial install ?

To get help on a forum its a good idea to post this info along with the question.
It will give the reader a better insight into a possible solution  :-)

At the moment due to the lack of that information my only suggestion
is to delete anything to do with Gimp and then re install.
Sorry I can't offer more.



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