Re: New user and not understanding how to use tools

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Not sure what you want to fix but send the photo to me via Yahoo email attachment and tell me what the the problem is and I will try to help you for fRee no fee


Sometimes yahoo reduces the size of the photo when attaching so you can put it in a zip file and I can get it full size

--- In gimpi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Owen <rcook@...> wrote:
> On Sat, 12 Feb 2011 18:33:10 -0000
> "carley7654" <carley7654@...> wrote:
> > I was excited to be told about your site. I have some pictures that
> > need fixing so I can submit them to a magazine. There are some flaws
> > I want to fix and I've been trying to work with the tools, but I'm
> > not getting them to work - - which I am totally sure is because of my
> > lack of understanding. Any help you can provide will be deeply
> > appreciated. How do I send the picture to you?  I tried
> > but I didn't get a url. The picture is so big on the screen that you
> > have to scroll all over the place to get it. Can I send it to you as
> > an attachment from my computer? Or is there another way to go?  Sorry
> > for being such a dummy. I'm trying, though. Thanks. 
> > 
> Your best approach is to learn gimp. There are lots of tutorials out
> there, just search Google for "gimp tutorial"
> There are plenty of people around who will fix things for a fee, you
> could always try looking for them
> O

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