Re: Looking for image processing filter/techinque for Lung anomalies in CT scan

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> I am doing a research in medical images, mainly CT scan Lung Nodules images. I've found other techniques from various papers. Rolling Ball algorithm for smoothing the image is one of them. Anti-aliasing Threshold can be also easily achieved using the Curve function. However, I am curious whether are there other GIMP plugins or techniques out there that can suit my need?
> I am looking for image processing filter/technique to enhance the lung image in some ways so that lung's anomalies such as nodules or cancer can be easier to detect by a machine learning program. If possible, please suggest all image processing techniques for this case.

I am not the best at GIMP but I found that messing with brightness and contrast brings out details.  Bring up contrast very high and down brightness. Then move them back and forth.  

I had a color picture of a lake and forest it was very dark being the winter and no details in the trees until I moved contrast up and messed around with brightness.  

The enhance filter is not the greatest by my experience and it causes it to be grainy if you go to far but.  If you are looking at specific areas then you might consider copying that part to a new image.

I would be interested if you find something so please post any filters or add ins.  There are plenty of add ins out there so someone might have made one.

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