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No the last Adobe product I was successfully able to work was Photo Delux, that's been about 11 years ago. When I bought my first computer a mac, OS 8. 

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      No I cannot my computer died and I do not gimp installed.
The oval tool is what you need. Then create a border. I cannot get more detailed than my other post.
Gimp is not all that different than PS so if you do not know what I am saying you do not know PS.

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Date: Friday, December 17, 2010, 11:18 AM


      Not sure I understood your reply? Can you be more specific? Can you explain step by step? Or anyone? I'm running GIMP 2

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From: casandrakumsung <casandrakumsung@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject:  Re: HELP!!!!!
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Date: Thursday, December 16, 2010, 8:36 PM



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> I've tried to read the written tutorials, and I am totally LOST. 

> I have original comic book art I'm trying to finish on my computer. My trusty canon/Arc Soft photo studio program, died, and I don't have access to it. My daughter suggested I tried Gimp 2. I'm running the program on my Acer notebook computer on Win Vista home basic. I'm trying to find two tools I use often in creating my comic book. 1.) is an oval tool, where I can create an often used dialog bubble. 2.) I'm looking for a rectangle tool so I can put a black border around my individual panels. The only other thing I need is the tool to create the words. But I think I have that figured out. Can anyone give me  step by step instructions? I'm nearing my deadline and I really could use the help. Please email me or respond back to this posting. Thanks, Rob


Open a new transparent layer so you do not mess up the original.  You use the oval and rectangular selector.   Make the box or oval go to select in menu,  you will find border.  Select the correct color in FG that you want the border. then in edit select fill selected with FG color.

Experiment first.  My computer died and am using an 8 year old one that will not run GIMP so I am doing this from memory.












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