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You could try an undelete program and look for an earlier version, but like they all said, once saved you usually can't undo it. If you had it saved to a memory card in a camera I would also run an undelete program like Recuva on it to see if it can find it.

On May 21, 2009, at 11:47 PM, jedi_photoman <thomhadel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I think once you export them to a jpg or any other extension... that's it. unless you still have it stored on your camera.

--- In gimpi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "kthomas530" <Kthomas530@...> wrote:
> i have desaturated a color image and did some selective colorization
> on it--now i need to return it to its full color state
> is there anyway to do this?
> the image was not saved as an xcf image so I cannot undue the steps
> Please advise

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