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On 08/02/2009 22:44, cliftonk5283 wrote:
> Ok hello Gimp comunity. I am 200% new to this program just downloaded 
> it yesterday. I am maybe 3% familliar with photoshop cs2(lost it from 
> my comp on a hardrestore and fell out of touch with my friend with 
> the disk) so now after many hours of searching I have located 
> the "GIMP"
> looks good very good indeed.
> but I have ran in to a problem. here it is, I am wanting to add text 
> to the bottom of my picture for use as a custom spray on the game 
> Counter Strike: Source. I got my picture, I have my font, and the 
> text is in there, but i want to put a curved-arc in to it sort of 
> like a sad looking frown
> Example below
>       ***
>    *       *
>  *           *
> *             *
> but I cant seem to find the method on how to do this. I know this is 
> not CS2 but I can clearly rember the method of doing this on there.
> is it that I am still thinking in the CS2 way, that I am over 
> complicateing myself. or am I just going nuts looking for something 
> that isnt avaible?
> plz help me
> Thanks all in advance that responded.
> Cliff
> ------------------------------------
Try this tutorial:


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