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a jpeg does not have text.
it may have pixels which look like text. :-)
A jpeg also does not have layers.
Personally i would save any work in progress or current project as an xcf the gimp format.  

When ready to have a copy for display or ourside of gimp then save it as xcf, then also as a jpeg, png, or whatever you need.
xcf understands layers, text-layers, and much more.

--- dale

On Saturday 10 January 2009 at about 14:59, 
"Shawanna" <swans_1958@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I just recently started using GIMP and I love it, but I've run into a 
> problem and cannot find anything on it.  I have pictures of items that 
> I sell online.  I placed a text box into the picture and then saved it 
> as a JPEG.  Now, my question is this - Just how do I edit the text once 
> it's been saved as a JPEG.  Or can this not be done?
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