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Really great news, indeed. I truly am in favor on this move. This will
allow the promotion of FOSS and especially GIMP. Also, it'll be a
wonderful opportunity to showcase the world's finest GIMP Superstar

Looking forward! Thanks.

--- In gimpi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "lerine7704" <lerine7704@...> wrote:
> To whom it may concern,
> I am Rebecca, Area Education Executive from Global Software Academy
> Pte Ltd.
> I would like to seek advise or recommendation to push forth the GIMP
> Graphics Competition in Singapore as a National Competition, if
> possible as a World-wide International Competition. This initiative
> will be greatly appreciated by our company if we have support from the
> GIMP community as a co-host to this competition.
> GSA has been using open source software in our training services to
> promote our pedagogy of continuous learning (Open Education)in our
> local schools. We hope that this competition will encourage more young
> learners in using open source software in their schools and hopefully
> in their future professions. We believe such a competition will help
> in nurturing young learners to be more inclined with multimedia
> designing skills and thus giving them an opportunity to be recognised
> at a national level or international level.
> I hope to receive some feedbacks upon this interest to establish this
> GIMP Graphics Competition. In any case, the GIMP community would like
> to further discuss on the details, please email me at
> rebecca@... Thank you.
> Regards,
> Rebecca Tan
> Area Education Executive
> GSA Pte Ltd
> Email: rebecca@...
> Company Website:

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