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To whom it may concern,

I am Rebecca, Area Education Executive from Global Software Academy
Pte Ltd.

I would like to seek advise or recommendation to push forth the GIMP
Graphics Competition in Singapore as a National Competition, if
possible as a World-wide International Competition. This initiative
will be greatly appreciated by our company if we have support from the
GIMP community as a co-host to this competition.

GSA has been using open source software in our training services to
promote our pedagogy of continuous learning (Open Education)in our
local schools. We hope that this competition will encourage more young
learners in using open source software in their schools and hopefully
in their future professions. We believe such a competition will help
in nurturing young learners to be more inclined with multimedia
designing skills and thus giving them an opportunity to be recognised
at a national level or international level.

I hope to receive some feedbacks upon this interest to establish this
GIMP Graphics Competition. In any case, the GIMP community would like
to further discuss on the details, please email me at
rebecca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Thank you.

Rebecca Tan
Area Education Executive
GSA Pte Ltd
Email: rebecca@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Company Website:

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