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beb_summers wrote:

> So I am extremely new here and I'm not even sure if this is the place
> for me to be, or to post my question... but here goes anyway:
> I'm a digital scrap-booker and a proud user of GIMP. I also blog and
> am on a few design/creative teams using designers art to create
> layouts, and I'd love to promote GIMP in this huge (albeit silly)
> community of DS. I'd like to create a logo of sorts that says
> something like "I'm a GIMP gal" or "proud to be a GIMP gal", etc. So
> where do I start? And is anyone else out there a scrapper?

I had made something like that about 5 years ago: A fancy font, shadows, 
a pattern and a script for the shapes. I can't remember the script name. 
As for the pattern, you can download it from my site
The image is free to use.


JPEG image

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