Re: Re: Resizing a large landscape type photo to a smaller size help

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On Monday 08 January 2007 01:22, James (BRM) wrote:
> The reason I need those dimensions are because those are the maximum
> image sizes my designers setup for photo's I need to upload into the
> places on my site home page they need to go and not screw up how the
> page formats or looks.
> James

I would suggest a combination of resize and crop. Use the resize tool to 
adjust the size in a proportional way, ie resize by same percentage each 
side, so that at least one side is the final size you want and the other is 
bigger than the remaining side.

Then use the crop tool to trim off the excess so the remaining side that is 
larger than what you need is the correct size. The crop tool is the knife 

That way your photo is still of the same aspect ratio.


Andrew Swinn

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