Resizing a large landscape type photo to a smaller size help

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I am having trouble doing this correctly. I need to be able to re-size
say a image to a 242 width and 118 height.

I find the photo I want to re-size..go to Image, then click scale image.

I had selected a image to resize that show is it's size a 1000 width
by 667 height..and I need to scale it to 242 width by 118 height and
not loose any appreciable photo quality.

I enter 242 in the scale box click thr "chain" symbol then enter 118
in the height box and save image.

Problem is image then comes out looking distorted --stretched?

How do I do this wihout getting that stretched look and also as much
quality as the full size original or not enough loss of quality to be
really noticable?


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