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--- In gimpi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, "Marvin McKinley" <mckinleystudio@...>
> I have been using GIMP for about a year as a digital image editing and 
> printing tool for my film based photography.I just found this group 
> today and am looking forward to participating and learning.
Good evening Marvin, thanks for posting your message on here.
I'm a new user to GIMP and I'm interested in using it for making
online banners and identifications for a messageboard [as my starting
point] and working my way up to gradually more difficult and
professional projects.
Any help you could offer me [if possible?] would be grateful.

Ps I'm fascinated by photography and indulge in it occasionally; I
have developed my own black and white prints so if you fancy any
discussion on the subject I'll be happy to exchange thoughts.

Welcome to the group.

Best wishes, twilightmoviewriter

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