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Den 23.02.2011 08:34, skreiv Julien Hardelin:
> Hi Michael,
> â
>> what
>> is the significance of adding "acronym" and "quote" tags? what are they
>> for? they seem to have no influence on the final output.
> For "acronym>, I don't know.
The tag <acronym> capitalize the contents of the tag. 
<acronym>gimp</acronym> outputs GIMP.

BTW: For some reasons the <guote> tag does not work in Norwegian. 
<quote>Hello</quote> is written as "Hello" instead of ÂHelloÂ. (We are 
using the same quotes as in French).
> But "quote" is important for
> internationalization. With<quote>Hello</quote>, I automatically get the
> French quotes in French html (Â Hello Â) with indivisible spaces!
> I made these changes in your xml file. Do you want I push your changes?
> Regards,
> Julien

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