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Dne 20.12.2010 17:12, Miroslav Šulc napsal(a):
> Dne 20.12.2010 17:00, Ignacio napsal(a):
>> Hello
>> For 'es', we use "Mayús" (in english "shift").
>> Could I translate "<shift/>" in es.po file of quickreference?
>> For example:
>> msgid "<shift/>U"
>> msgstr "<Mayús/>U"
>> Or that could cause any problem?
>> Thanks
>> Ignacio AntI
> as far as i can see, there is no <shift/> used in current src files, so
> i think you should first update your po files. the tags that are used in
> src are: <keycap function="shift">Shift</keycap>
> that looks like the right thing to translate. you should probably run
> "make po-es" before you continue your translation work to get your po
> files updated.
> but take this just as my opinion, i follow this project just for one
> week so i might be wrong.
yes, i was right i am wrong :-P i was looking at something else. anyway,
the tags do not seem to be designed for translation, as then they would
not be caught by the stylesheet, so "<shift/>" will always end up as
"<keycap function="shift">Shift</keycap>+". maybe the stylesheet could
be adjusted to output "<keycap function="shift">Mayús</keycap>+" for
spanish instead. but again, i might be wrong :-)
> miroslav
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