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Hi all, I'm a native english speaker who is living in Bolivia.  I'm getting set to teach a course on multimedia design and development with good chunk of that being photo editing using the GIMP.  I was a little bummed to see that the 2.6 es translation on the site wasn't very complete, but hey that's the beauty of OSS, if you don't like it you can fix it.  Taking a quick survey of what is out there, it looked like a lot of the missing stuff was similar (if not identical) to things that had been translated for 2.4, so I thought this would be a breeze.  

I cloned the git repo from git://, ran make to get all the html (and other stuff?) and started looking around for the translation to spanish, I found the po/es folder, then did some reading on gettext and found out how to load the various po files in gtranslator, which is about where I'm stuck.

The first question I had is what is the layout of the files in the po/pot directories?  They don't seem to correlate with specific sections on the web page.  Is there somewhere that has an explanation of what the contents of each of those files are?  

The second thing I ran into is when I'd search for some english phrase that I saw wasn't translated on the web page, they didn't show up anywhere in the es/po directory.  
For instance, on the web page for I.3.1 - First Steps: and the first paragraph isn't translated in the spanish version.  
The content starts "This section provides a brief introduction to the basic concepts and terminology used"..., so I did grep -R "provides a brief introduction" * and it came up with the concepts.pot file, and several concepts.po for other languages, but not for es, which confused me, I thought they would all have the original string in them, is that not correct?

Anyway, I'm new to doing translations, so I was wondering if there was any GIMP specific documentation about the process for them.  (Or good tutorials in general) I've been doing a little reading about gettext and such, but I'm still not up to speed on how all this works. 

Thanks much!
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