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In the spirit of contributing, I have mocked up a suggested new format for the 
html documentation at:

It merely shows the ideas. Most of the links don't work (only 'home' works for 
the navigation). Most of the pages aren't there (* in the contents = available).

I realise it's a bit radical, but almost all of the existing documentation 
content would be re-used, just in a different order.

The major change is that the contents are structured and brief, on 1 screen 
rather than 27; I think I'd know where to click to get the information I wanted.

I've used the main GIMP site style, and have put navigation buttons at both top 
and bottom. In terms of actual content, see the Basic Concepts page, which I've 
re-written: images are closer to the relevant text; they are smaller, but there 
are more of them. There are links out to the relevant sections.

You'll probably find errors/omissions - but I thought it might be good to share, 
warts and all.

What do you think? Practical or not? Improved or not?

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