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David (Sunday, 05. September 2010)
> > Ok, so it looks like we have to
> > (1) rewrite I.3.1 (based on the - adapted - wikipedia article and
> > 
> >      the glossary entry?),
> > 
> > (2) add an index entry which refers to I.3.1, and
> > (3) write a new (short and basic) glossary definition.
> > 
> > Correct?
> > 
> > I volunteer myself for (2).
> The easy one, eh? ;)
> I don't mind having a shot at it if no-one else bites, but again
> not for a little while, and furthermore I fear I'm not yet
> familiar enough with the GIMP. So preferably someone else will
> volunteer?

My first attempt/suggestion:

We swap the glossary entry with the Channel description of the Basic 
Concepts section (and modify both texts a little bit).
This way, a user will find a detailed (and better) description of 
channels where he will expect it to be (is this true?) and we 
have a short overview in the glossary.

IMHO, whenever a text explains how to do something (here: how to 
create a channel) it's definitely not a text for the glossary.

My current glossary entry reads:

  "A channel refers to a certain component of an image.[*] For
  instance, the components of an RGB image are the three primary
  colors red, green, blue, and sometimes transparency (alpha).
                                [*] stolen from the Wikipedia article

  Every channel is a grayscale image of exactly the same size as the
  image and, consequently, consists of the same number of pixels.
  Every pixel of this grayscale image can be regarded as a container
  which can be filled with a value ranging from 0 to 255. The exact
  meaning of this value depends on the type of channel, e.g. in the
  RGB color model the value in the R-channel means the amount of red
  which is added to the color of the different pixels; in the
  selection channel, the value denotes how strongly the pixels are
  selected; and in the alpha channel the values denote how opaque the
  corresponding pixels are."

Still not perfect, but it seems better than current situation. At 
least we should have a good starting point for further 

(I wonder if we should move the "Mask" entry of the glossary to the 
Basic Concepts too.)


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