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Hi, Ulf

2010/2/16 Ulf-D. Ehlert <ude88@xxxxxx>:
> RyōTa SimaMoto (Monday, 15. February 2010)
>> The 'find' command on the top Makfile is
>> expected to be run on BASH shell internally, like
>>   $(find_l) images/{common,C}
>> , but it does not work on genuine SH shell.
> 'find' doesn't work?
>> If you get trouble on it, edit these command lines as
>>   $(find_l) images/common images/C
> "find_l" is defined as "find -L", and you can always override it on
> the command-line with
>        make ... find_l=/what/ever/you/want
> If the '-L' option is not supported by your system [*] we can add a
> test to check this and set find_l to "find" if necessary.
> Just report if something doesn't work, I'm (a) a Linux-only user and
> (b) no clairvoyant ... ;-)

I must say "because SH shell cannot expand this abridgment with
brackets to the correct directories."  This is not a matter on the 'find'
command but the shell.

Though FreeBSD offers just two shells, the old standard shell
/usr/bin/sh and the C Shell /usr/bin/csh, users can install the
Bourne Again Shell /usr/local/bin/bash through the BSD port
system, and almost desktop users do so. (Other users use the
C shell.)  But this powerful one does not override (overwrite)
the older standard one, so sometimes user needs to know
which one runs.

The Makefile contains "images/{C, common}". This shorthand
is not allowed on the old /usr/bin/sh shell.  Actually, I installed
bash too, and this shorthand is expanded properly as I expect.
I run this 'make' action on the 'bash' environment, but the 'find'
command was called internally with the old 'sh',
then this shell warned and did not work correctly.

Almost platform-depend problems caused by features and
definitions on Linux products are avoided on *BSD operating
systems by using some tricks and/or patch files.  I think there
should be also some useful hacks on this issue, because it
seems typical, but I did not know any essential solution for this.

SimaMoto,RyōTa <liangtai.s4@xxxxxxxxx>
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