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Ulf-D. Ehlert skreiv:
> Kolbjørn Stuestøl (Thursday, 31. December 2009)
>> I am not able to commit and do not know how to (no password or
>> whatsoever). 
> You don't need a password for a commit; you commit your changes to 
> your *local* branch "master" ("git commit" does not correspond to "svn 
> commit"). Without account to you are just not able to *push* 
> your changes to the remote repository.
> See:
> 	"Everyday GIT With 20 Commands Or So"
> 	(,
> 	section "Individual Developer (Participant)"
Wasn't aware of  this difference and therefore never tried to commit. 
I'll give the site a look. Perhaps I find out some day how to do the 
>>  May I send my po and image files to you as before,
>>  Ulf? Some few details remaining so perhaps next year ;-)
> No problem (but check if a simple diff file would be smaller!). If you 
> find out how to commit and how to use 'format-patch', you will 
> probably feel better, though. ;-)
> Ulf
Yes, I'll work further on this tomorrow. (No time left today). Thank you 
a lot.

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