Re: Where have all my pictures gone?

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Ulf-D. Ehlert skreiv:
> Kolbjørn Stuestøl (Dienstag, 16. Juni 2009, 10:42):
>> Ulf-D. Ehlert skreiv:
>>> I have changed the Perl script we use to create links to images
>>> files and have committed it to a new branch (try 'git branch
>>> -a').
>> What command(s) do I need to download the files from this branch?
>> "git clone", "pull" etc. did not work.
>> (I'm lazy  ;-) Easier to ask here than reading the manual)
> Don't know (never tried it - I'm lazy, too), but according to
Nice site. Wasn't aware of it.
> you should try
> 	git fetch origin [remote-branch]:[new-local-branch]
> here:
> 	git fetch origin cygwin-windows-quirks:cygwin-windows-quirks
> (or just
> 	git fetch origin cygwin-windows-quirks?)
Both works, but the only new file I get is an updating of 
gimp-help-2/.git/FETCH_HEAD. No other files in my folders.
> An alternative seems to be
> 	git fetch
> and then
> 	git checkout -b cygwin-windows-quirks origin/cygwin-windows-quirks
Perhaps I forgot the "-b" or missed something during copying, but the 
final result was that lots of files in my working copy of gimp-help-2 
where deleted or changed!
I stopped thinking and run the git clone command to get a new copy.

Could you mail me the file instead?

I am not very eager at the moment to spend more time on the git 
commands. Better using it on the Cygwin/Windows problem.

> Ulf

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