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Kolbjørn Stuestøl (Montag, 15. Juni 2009, 00:13):
> Ulf-D. Ehlert skreiv:
> > What are .lnk files?
> Files that links (points) to other files instead of containing the
> "real" file. (Also called "shortcuts"). A file "myImage.png.lnk"
> may for example point to the real image file "myImage.png". The
> ".lnk" don't show up in the browser, but they are there.

So .lnk files are symlinks, and apparently there are two kinds of 
symlinks, since the 'ln -s' command under Cygwin creates also 
symlinks - is this correct?

Maybe here is the problem: Windows expects Windows-like symlinks (.lnk 
files) and can't handle Linux-like symlinks created by 'make' under 
Cygwin? Then you have to start your browsers using Cygwin?

> I'll give it a try.

I have changed the Perl script we use to create links to images files 
and have committed it to a new branch (try 'git branch -a').
(Use 'grep -A3 -B6 make_image_links Makefile.GNU' so see how the 
script is used with 'make'.)

Now you can use it also for making hardlinks or copying files.

You may want to knock on wood and try:
	1a)  $ rm -rf xml/no/images/*
	     $ tools/ -v --mode=symlink images/C \
	1b)  same as above (don't forget to remove xml/no/images/*),
	     but replace "symlink" with "hardlink"
	     (then check the image files with and without browser)
	1c)  same as above, with "copy" instead of "hardlink"
	2)  $ rm html/no/images  # this was still a symlink
	    $ mkdir -v html/no/images
	2a)  $ tools/ -v --mode=symlink images/C \
	     (check the image files with and without browser)
	2b) $ rm -rf html/no/images/*
	     $ tools/...  like above, with "hardlink" instead of "symlink"
	2c) same as above, with "copy" instead of "hardlink"
(Note that I skipped the images/common files.)

Maybe also try 1b) and 1c) with a .lnk file html/no/images.lnk?

> At first I have to figure out the difference between the
> hard links and sym links 

You can consider a hard link more or less as the name of a file or 
Making another hard link with 'ln old new' just means creating 
another name for the same file. Both links are equal in any respect
except the path/name.

> and how to handle them in Windows.

Try the above tests and see what happens.

> The summer is not the best time for working on the computer. Long
> days, short nights. Time for outdoor living and to be a social
> creature.

Right! :-)

> Some not even logical abridgments. 

Then you should check "The UNIX-HATERS Handbook"! ;-)


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