Re: Where have all my pictures gone?

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Ulf-D. Ehlert skreiv:
> Kolbjørn Stuestøl (Samstag, 30. Mai 2009, 18:50):
>>> Can you open the image file clicking on the link
>>> html/no/images/filters/options-logo-3d-outline.png?
>> No such contents in the html/no/images. This is still a link to the
>> xml/no/images
> Yes, but you should be able to ignore this and enter html/no/images as 
> if it was a real folder (but it's probably not important, so forget 
> it).
[...] gimp-help-2/html/nn/images/filters/options-logo-3d-outline.png 
returns "File not found"

[...] gimp-help-2/html/nn/images.lnk gives a frame in the browser's 
window containing the full file name and a clickable link named "Up one 
nivau" (or what it would be in English). Clicking on it opens a list 
showing all the files in the html/nn folder including the images.lnk as 
links. (As in ftp listings). Clicking on the images.lnk opens the first 
page again. Not the xml/images as I expected. Clicking on the html links 
opens the file in the browser.

>>> Do you have a "readlink" command (package: core-utils)?
>>> If yes, what is the output of following commands:
>>> 	$ readlink html/no/images/filters/options-logo-3d-outline.png
>> ../../../../images/nn/filters/options-logo-3d-outline.png
> Oops, really ".../images/nn"? (should be ".../images/no")
Yes. (I was working on "nn" and forgot to change. Same for "nn" and "no")
>> If a "no" image exists the pointer points to it, otherwise to the "C"
>> image?
> Yes.
>> So the problem lies somewhere in the building of the links/pointers?
> No, apparently the links are correct.
> So let's summarize:
> 	o  the html files contain correct image references
> 	o  these images files are links to existings image files
> 	o  you can open an image file even if it's a link
> 	   (to xml/no/images/...)
> 	o  the readlink utility shows that the links are no dead links
> 	o  you cannot open the image (a link) via the browser's URL bar
> 	o  all your browsers do not display the images
> Hmm, if this summary is correct (and remember that I haven't any clue 
> about Windows or Cygwin, so maybe this is a silly question):
> is it possible that there's a global option somewhere which prevents all 
> browsers from dereferencing links?
Your list is correct.
The links from the xml catalog works fine from any browser i have tried.
The links through html/nn/images.lnk does not work.

I think this must be a "global" Windows probblem.
> Can you check with a simple test html file whether or not your browsers 
> can read links to images (and links to links to images) which definitely 
> exist?

I'm already working on it, and I think your question is not at all silly 
but relevant. It is a possibility that something prevents the links from 
carrying properties (options) with them, or that the options must have a 
certain, very specific, format.

Yesterday I made a html page (in Nvu web editor). Also tried Microsofts 
Front page 2000, but this editor rejected all links. Again: Perhaps a 
special Windows problem?

Adding the image link 
and the image 
is displayed in the browser.
So the links from the xml/nn/images works fine.

On the other side, I have not yet found any way to get the browser 
recognize the call linked from html/nn/images.lnk. I'll try again this 

Another solution seems to use one link only by copying the 
xml/[lang]/images to the html/[lang] and omit the 
html/[lang]/images.lnk? (Perhaps changing the relative addresses). Yes I 
know that copying images is time consuming.

(All the link files has ".lnk" added although this are not showing up in 
my file browser).

I'll try digging some deeper in the Windows stuff although this is not 
my occupation.
If I stumble over a solution I'll mail it immediately.
>>> I get, however, many xslt warnings:
>>> 	No localization exists for "no" or "". Using default "nn".
>> It's due to your add in the Makefile.GNU some time ago:
>> $(cmd) test "$*" = "no" && lang="nn" || lang="$*"; \ …
> Yes, without these changes we would probably get 'Using default "en".'
>>> I think we should try to replace "no" with "nn" to get rid of them:
>>>     - replace "no" in configure and Makefiles,
>> Yes.
>>>     - move/rename "no" directories to "nn" ,
>> Rename
>>>     - anything else?
>> Renaming quickreference/po/no.po to nn.po
>> Nothing else.
> Ok, do you change it?
I have not the permission to commit (git push?) my files, so perhaps you 
do it for me?

> Bye,
> Ulf
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