Re: Where have all my pictures gone?

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Kolbjørn Stuestøl (Samstag, 30. Mai 2009, 18:50):
> > Can you open the image file clicking on the link
> > html/no/images/filters/options-logo-3d-outline.png?
> No such contents in the html/no/images. This is still a link to the
> xml/no/images

Yes, but you should be able to ignore this and enter html/no/images as 
if it was a real folder (but it's probably not important, so forget 

> > Do you have a "readlink" command (package: core-utils)?
> > If yes, what is the output of following commands:
> > 	$ readlink html/no/images/filters/options-logo-3d-outline.png
> ../../../../images/nn/filters/options-logo-3d-outline.png

Oops, really ".../images/nn"? (should be ".../images/no")

> If a "no" image exists the pointer points to it, otherwise to the "C"
> image?


> So the problem lies somewhere in the building of the links/pointers?

No, apparently the links are correct.

So let's summarize:
	o  the html files contain correct image references
	o  these images files are links to existings image files
	o  you can open an image file even if it's a link
	   (to xml/no/images/...)
	o  the readlink utility shows that the links are no dead links
	o  you cannot open the image (a link) via the browser's URL bar
	o  all your browsers do not display the images

Hmm, if this summary is correct (and remember that I haven't any clue 
about Windows or Cygwin, so maybe this is a silly question):
is it possible that there's a global option somewhere which prevents all 
browsers from dereferencing links?

Can you check with a simple test html file whether or not your browsers 
can read links to images (and links to links to images) which definitely 

> > I get, however, many xslt warnings:
> > 	No localization exists for "no" or "". Using default "nn".
> It's due to your add in the Makefile.GNU some time ago:
> $(cmd) test "$*" = "no" && lang="nn" || lang="$*"; \ …

Yes, without these changes we would probably get 'Using default "en".'

> > I think we should try to replace "no" with "nn" to get rid of them:
> >     - replace "no" in configure and Makefiles,
> Yes.
> >     - move/rename "no" directories to "nn" ,
> Rename
> >     - anything else?
> Renaming quickreference/po/no.po to nn.po
> Nothing else.

Ok, do you change it?


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