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Kolbjørn Stuestøl (Montag, 11. Mai 2009, 23:19):
> As the "src/introduction/whats-new.xml" has no "Norwegian" images I
> used the commands on po/no/menu.po instead. Still no "Norwegian" 
> images in the xml-no files and (of course) not in the the html files
> either.

As Julien told you, there must be a corresponding localized image file 
with the same name. In this special example (.../whats-new.xml) there 
is no such localized image file:

	bash>  sed -e '/fileref/!d' -e 's/.*"\(.*\)".*/\1/' \
		src/introduction/whats-new.xml | \
		while read fileref; do \
			c=${fileref/images/images\/C}; \
			no=${fileref/images/images\/no}; \
			ls -l $c $no; \

Check your images with

	bash>  make -f Makefile.GNU check-images-no

You may also try

	find images/C -name .git -prune -o -type f -print | \
	while read english; do \
		norwegian=${english/C/no}; \
		test -e $norwegian \
			&& echo "FOUND $norwegian" \
			|| echo "NO    $norwegian"; \

to see which localized images exist.

> The question boils down to:
> How to automatic add the necessary foreign image addresses into the
> xml files?

No, the way how to add localized images has changed:
if you have an English image file
just provide a localized file in "images/no":
(same name, same subdirectories).
The XML source files will refer to this file as
	<imagedata fileref="images/some/where/imagefile.png"/>

> I.e. change the address '<imagedata fileref="images/menus/file.png"
> format="PNG"/>' to
> '<imagedata fileref="images/no/menus/file.png" format="PNG"/>'.

Wrong, no changes to the xml files, no translations, just add a 
localized image and make will do the rest.


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