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Daniel Nylander (Freitag, 9. Januar 2009, 02:38):
> I would also be happy to see a function like "make update-po-sv"
> which updates the already existing PO files which the latest POT
> files. Or does it already exist?

I have added some new targets to Makefile.GNU:

	make -f Makefile.GNU update-po/xx/path/to/pofile.po

will make a forced update for a single po-file;

	make -f Makefile.GNU force-po/xx/some/path/*

will force updating all po-files in po/xx/some/path/ (but not 
recursively in the subdirectories of po/xx/some/path/).

I also changed making of HTML previews (drafts), now

	make [-f Makefile.GNU] preview-xml/xx/path/to/xmlfile.xml

will produce a single HTML file (remember that links can't work in those 
draft HTML files),

	make [-f Makefile.GNU] preview-src/path/to/xmlfile.xml

will do the same for all languages (ALL_LINGUAS).
The old syntax

	make [-f Makefile.GNU] src/path/to/xmlfile.draft
	make [-f Makefile.GNU] xml/xx/path/to/xmlfile.draft

will still work.

	make [-f Makefile.GNU] preview-po/xx/path/to/xmlfile.po

will also make an HTML file (like "... preview-xml/xx/...). 
If you use 'Makefile.GNU' and you have xdg-open installed 
(package 'xdg-utils' on openSUSE), this command will also try to open 
the  HTML draft file in a browser - don't know if this is nice or 


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