the need of localized screenshots?

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Hi folks,

we're close to migrate the manual content. There is one thing which I
want to discuss on the mailing list: the need of localized images
(providing German, French, etc screenshots for the readers).

The regular version of xml2po doesn't support localized images or
screenshots. The current way of adding a german, french or korean
screenshot to the manual is by separating them using the lang tag. This
is normally not supported anymore by the regular version of xml2po.

What we can do, is to use our own version of xml2po (at least as
long this patch is accepted by the maintainers). This provides support
to also 'translate' the links to the images, which would mean that
translators could provide links to their localized versions of screen
shots. Backside: we're using basically a fork for xml2po.

Although I've to say, we should think about this move. IMHO it would be
better to not support localized screenshots and use only English
screenshots. The screenshots we currently have need a lot of maintenance.
This time is probably better used in providing more usable descriptions
than localized screenshots. Assuming that every user who reads the book
can still recognize the English screenshot with what he sees on the
screen. Additionally the size of each release of the manual will be
significantly smaller.

On the other hand: we already provide a lot of screens which is of
course a plus for the users *and* a lot of work has been done to create

What do you think: support for 'translating' screenshots or not?
Roman Joost
email: romanofski@xxxxxxxx

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