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Re: [ogfs-users]opengfs + opendlm question

On Wed, 2004-06-23 at 15:30, Brian Jackson wrote:
> On Wednesday 23 June 2004 11:29 am, Arnaud Gauthier wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I couldn't find info about my current problem, so I am posting here.
> >
> > I have created an opendlm + opengfs 3 nodes cluster, and I am planning
> > to add more nodes later. Everything works fine with the first 2 nodes.
> Unless something changed with opendlm and I missed it, opendlm still uses the 
> older heartbeat membership code (i.e. pre-ccm), so it only supports 2 nodes. 
> Of course I have been pretty busy lately, and could have missed changes.
> --Brian Jackson

I think you are a little behind on that one.

Per HOWTO_Build,_Install,_and_Configure_OpenDLM (Jun 16 00:13) CCM is
now supported:

*Heartbeat* has been the cluster manager of choice for a few years. 
recently, *CCM* has been added to the linux-ha project.  CCM is more
than Heartbeat, and uses a consensus/voting algorithm to maintain
membership status.

OpenDLM accesses CCM via the SA Forum Membership interface, exposed by
Since this is a standard interface, OpenDLM should actually be able to
with any implementation of the SAF membership interface (but we haven't
tried any except CCM).

I'm afraid Ben or Stanley will have to help with the original question.

Greg Freemyer

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