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Re: [ogfs-dev]RE: [Opendlm-devel] ODLM/OGFS Recovery

Zickus II, Don wrote:

Hello Stan,

We actually used this function on trucluster. However, its main use was _after_ detection of a failed node and even then to revalidate the lock value blocks and resources assuming you are using lock value blocks.

I have thinking about this whole problem and wondering what everyone's definition of 'persistent' lock is? Is it expected to have every resource and its information replicated across the entire cluster or just have each node keep track of its own resource locks?


Thanks for your comments.

When I first time got to know persistent lock from ODLM's programing manual, I think that if the holder of a persistent lock died in any case before releaseing this lock, all sequent incompatible lock requests won't be granted until dlm_purge() is invoked against the died holder. And I regard it as "persistent lock". It looks a little bit too ambitious for current OpenDLM :) According to these days discussion, it is not really required (for OGFS recovery).

Best Regards,

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