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Re: [ogfs-users]DLM and Opengfs problem

On Thursday 05 February 2004 12:06 pm, CybeRHiDe wrote:
> I have been trying to get opendlm to work with opengfs.  I have 2 nodes,
> both running redhat es 3.0 connected via fiber channel (qlogic qla2200f/66
> cards) to a storcase raid array.
> I am using the latest opengfs cvs and opendlm cvs.  I am also using
> heartbeat 1.0.4.  I did have issues compiling heartbeat (complaining it
> couldn't find libhbclient, even though it was in /usr/local/lib.  Ended up
> modifying configure to bypass that check).

You had problems compiling heartbeat or opendlm? If it was opendlm, there was 
some trickery I had to do with configure options. I'll see if I can track it 
down, and add it to the docs.

> After I've started the dlmdu's on both machines, they both continually
> state in RC_INIT_WAIT, and cat'n files in /proc/haDLM sometimes causes a
> seg fault.  Any mount that I attempted hangs, and sometimes freezes the
> machines.

Sounds like you are running into the same thing that Ben and I have been 
hitting. I believe /ben is working on it atm.

> Can anyone out there help me on this?
> Oh yeah, I've triple checked dlm.conf, ha.cf, the cluster config.

It's not a config issue I don't think.

> -Chris

--Brian Jackson

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