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RE: [ogfs-users]ogfs_expand problem

On Mon, 2004-01-12 at 18:10, CybeRHiDe wrote:
> Ok, i figured it out.
> I needed to use fdisk, delete /dev/sdb4, than recreate it as the bigger size.  I am now running
> ogfs_expand (taking awhile).
> Thanks for pointing me in the right direction :)
> -Chris


In the future, you may want to layer evms on between /dev/sdb4 and

Unfortunately, that will require a full backup/restore, so I would wait
until I needed it.

Using physical drive names is a bad thing for a number of reasons,
including the growth issue you are now handling.

Another very significant issue is that it is hard to keep the names
(/dev/sdb4) in sync between the nodes.  (i.e. If you add a scsi drive to
either node it may change the name of the external array.)

Using evms on top of the raw partitions will allow the physical drives
to have different names from the 2 nodes, but for a consistent logical
drive to have a ogfs filesystem on it.

Greg Freemyer

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