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[ogfs-dev]LVB bug fixed and webcast this afternoon.

Hi, Folks
I've fixed the LVB synchronizing bug in opendlm pulgin and checked in
this patch. If you have time, pleae have a try:)

Brian, I went through the Howto for using OpenDLM in Opengfs once more
time in my test procedure. And I'm now pretty sure that I don't forget
something to tell in the HOWTO. It should work.

BTW, anybody has interests in the following webcast?

Storage Hardware and Software Technology in a Linux environment
Date: Thursday, December 18, 2003
Time: 2:00PM EST (GMT -5)
Speakers: Tom Coughlan - Principal Software Engineer

It's a little bit later for me, but I will try to attend if I could get
up :)

Best Regards,
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Intel China Software Lab. 
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